High Power HID Controller — 8 lights

The High Power HID Controller APCL8DX can control up to eight lights from one time-clock or controller device. 120/240 volt power is wired directly into the eight outlet timer box, and all of the outlets are controlled by one 120 volt trigger cable. You can plug the trigger cable into a standard 24-hour timer or environmental controller. The APCL8DX has eight 120/240 volt X style receptacles. The APCL8240 is rated for 50 amps @120/ 240 volts. Features premium quality industrial grade relays and durable chassis. 3-year no hassle warranty.

8 Light

  • Main power voltage: 120 OR 240 volts
  • Receptacle type: Nema 5-15, Nema 6-15 or universal X
  • Maximum lighting wattage: 8000 watts / 1000 watts per outlet
  • Maximum relay amperage: 30 amps (x 2 relays)
  • Operating temperature range: 32-110° F
  • Operating humidity range: 0-99% RH non condensing
  • Minimum relay operations: 100,000 @ full load


11″H x 8″W x 4″D, 50A max/120v/240v